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Lebone Litho: Investment in Power Capacity 

Investment in Power Capacity: Ensuring Uninterrupted Service

Lebone Litho Printers over the years continues to meet clients’ expectations despite issues of loadshedding and fluctuating prices in South Africa. To keep the operation in our business centers we have invested in power capacity to keep on delivering on the expectations of our clients all the time. 

Power capacity 

The company has installed and maintained 6 generators at all the sites with diesel spend of approximately R700 000.00 per month, to service the clients in these devastating times in our country, while the government is resolving the energy crisis.  We have also installed approximately 80 uninterrupted power supplies on all on-demand workstations to prevent any unexpected downtime or loss of data.  

Our effort is to guarantee our stakeholders that the operations will not be affected, instead, we commit to service clients in the utmost possible way. 

Quality service on Lebone Litho Printers sites

The range of services we provide is based upon experience in the production and delivery of high-quality products as per our clients specifications. We control all aspects of the production and quality of our manufactured products within our workflow and capacity and the range of these is inclusive of Printing, Binding, Die cutting, Foiling, UV varnishing, Laminating and finishing.

Track record with experience 

Our current employee profile reflects a 95% inclusion of historically disadvantaged individuals. We have a high level, experienced, management team to deal with our clients diverse needs as well as our substantial internal human resources. Lebone Litho has a proven track record for delivering consistently high quality products and services at a competitive market related price and within the requested timeframes.

Whenever there is a crisis calls for business to give an urgent but targeted response and it requires boldness and imagination. As Lebone we cannot fail our clients and communities.

Ready to experience uninterrupted service and quality printing solutions? Contact us today to discuss your printing needs!

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