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6 Benefits Of Small Batch Printing

Discover Benefits of Small Batch Printing

When it comes to printing, determining the size of the batch is an important decision to make. It can be tempting to order a bulk batch print and get the whole process over and done with at once. But before rushing off to a printing company with a huge order, it’s worth considering smaller batch printing services. 

As a reputable print distribution company, Lebone Litho shares some of the advantages small batch printing has to offer. 

1. Cost Savings

While bulk printing often comes with discounts, printing in smaller batches can still save you money. When chosen over large-scale printing, printing in small batches can save you money on materials, equipment, and labour.

2. Customisable Options

The larger the batch you are printing, the less room there is for customisation or variation. Printing in small batches brings the opportunity to customise each item with unique colour variations, designs, finishes, and more. This can present businesses with interesting marketing and branding opportunities. 

3. Waste Reduction

Often, it is tempting to print in bulk out of the fear of running out of an item or underestimating the required number. This can often result in an excess of a printed item that ends up going to waste. Printing in small batches ensures you have the quantities you need without creating waste, minimising your impact on the environment.

4. Faster Turnaround Time

Printing smaller quantities usually means that the batch can be completed faster. Usually, small batch printing requires less setup and is less complicated than larger batches. This is especially important if you are on a tight deadline. 

5. More Flexibility

Unlike bulk printing, printing in small batches offers significant flexibility. Parameters can be adjusted to suit changing needs based on increased or decreased demand, design changes, information updates and other alterations. 

6. Opportunity To Test The Market

Printing in small batches allows businesses to test certain designs, products, or items without investing the large sums of money associated with bulk printing. Printing a small amount as a test can allow you to see whether your intended design is successful before you make a large financial investment in a large print run.

Of course, there is always a time when printing in larger batches is the best option, but small batch printing is often the most beneficial option. Printing in small batches offers a number of benefits to both individuals and businesses requiring print distribution in limited quantities. 

As a professional printing company, Lebone Litho is always ready to help you make the best decisions about your printing requirements. To find out more about our printing services as well as our other offerings, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. 

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