Muller Martini – Alprinta 74

Lebone Litho Printers proudly presents the Muller Martini Alprinta 74, a cutting-edge web offset press that redefines label and flexible packaging printing. This high-performance press offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing us to print on a wide range of substrates including paper, film, and foil.

With its modular design, the Alprinta 74 can be easily configured and customised to meet the unique requirements of each printing job. Whether you need UV flexo, UV screen, or hot foil stamping, this press delivers exceptional results with precision and consistency.

Equipped with up to 12 printing units and capable of printing at speeds of up to 150 meters per minute, the Alprinta 74 ensures fast and efficient production without compromising on quality. Advanced features such as automatic register control and tension control guarantee accurate and consistent printing results every time.

Trust Lebone Litho Printers and our Muller Martini Alprinta 74 for all your label and flexible packaging printing needs. Experience the perfect blend of versatility, speed, and quality with Lebone Litho Printers.

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