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7 Custom Printed Book Ideas For You | Lebone Litho Printing
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7 Custom Printed Book Ideas For You

Custom printed books are versatile creations that can be used for a range of purposes. Custom printed books from a reliable litho printing company can be used as unique gifts, personalised home decor items, corporate gifting, promotional items, and more. Hardcover book printing can serve a multitude of purposes, from journals to art books to corporate books. 

1. Wedding Or Event Guest Books

Create a unique, special memento with a custom-designed and printed guestbook for your event. The guestbook can be customised to suit your theme, colour scheme, and unique tastes and kept as a precious memory for years to come. 

2. Corporate Or Business Books

Businesses can create professional, corporate books containing information about their organisation, such as their company history, their mission statement, philosophy, product range, service offering, and any other relevant information they would like to share with their customers or clients.

3. Art Books

Whether you are an artist looking for a way to display the works you are most proud of or an art enthusiast interested in creating a collection of your favourite pieces to look at and share, creating a custom art book is a great idea.

4. Children’s Books

Do you have a flair for imaginative storytelling? Is there a special story that little ones love to hear you tell? Custom book printing is an opportunity to keep the story forever and allow it to be passed down for years to come. 

5. Travel Journals

Adventure enthusiasts and world travellers can enjoy an all-new way to document their incredible experiences with custom-printed travel journals. Travel journals can be a unique memento of the trips you have taken and be a great helper when sharing stories about your travels. 

6. Recipe Books

Avid home chefs and bakers can create custom recipe books filled with all of their favourite dishes, tips, and tricks. These books can be kept in your own kitchen or be a uniquely personal gift to give to someone you love. 

7. Coffee Table Books

Create a unique interest piece for any coffee table with custom coffee table book printing created to reflect your personal interests, style, and tastes. 

The key to a high-quality custom printed book is to working with a reliable printing company. Lebone Litho is a reputable litho printing company with experience in a wide range of printing services, including hardcover book printing, coffee table book printing and a range of other printing services. Request a quote for your project.

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