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Is Litho Printing Superior To Other Printing Methods?

When you are ready to begin printing, there is a wide range of printing methods and options available to you. Depending on your requirements, preferences, and goals, different printing methods are going to be the most suitable. 

Litho printing is a fantastic printing option, often offering numerous advantages over other printing methods. At Lebone Litho, we offer a wide range of services to our customers, including commercial litho printing, digital printing, webpress printing, and more. As experts in various print mediums, we’re here to share whether litho printing may be the superior printing option for your needs. 

What Is Litho Printing?

Litho printing is also known as lithographic printing, lithography, and offset printing. It’s a method of printing where the printed material is put on customised plates. These plates are then covered in ink and pressed against the material to be printed on, transferring the ink to the material. Litho printing can be used to print on paper, cardboard, fabric, and various other materials.

Advantages Of Litho Printing

  • Full-colour litho printing results in high-quality printed images with bright colours, sharp details and accurate prints, making it especially suitable for printing high-resolution photographs or images. 
  • Litho printing is incredibly versatile, suitable for printing on a diverse range of materials, such as paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, fabric and more. 
  • Litho printing is well-suited for large print runs, offering an efficient, quick printing process that holds up to the demands of high-volume printing.
  • Litho printing is a cost-effective printing option for large print runs.

Possible Downsides Of Litho Printing

Commercial litho printing is often the superior option, but it can have certain drawbacks, such as: 

  • Litho printing can take longer to set up than other printing methods as the printing plates can take some time to create.
  • Litho printing offers little room for customisation as the plates would need to be completely changed to accommodate any variations.
  • Litho printing works best with a limited set of colours which may not be ideal for your design requirements.

Deciding what printing method is going to be best for your print job may seem overwhelming. Working with a professional printing company like Lebone Litho, you benefit from experienced industry experts that can guide you down the right path. 

Whether you need full-commercial litho printing or are looking for assistance with graphic design, we will get the job done. Contact us today to talk about commercial litho printing as well as our other services. 

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