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The Role Of Colour In Graphic Design

Whether you’re dealing with digital or print media, colour plays a vital role in the world of graphic design. When used correctly, colour can influence the audience’s perception, understanding and response to a design. 

Lebone Litho Printers has a team of expert graphic designers on hand to attend to all of your design requirements. With their knowledge and expertise, we share the critical role colour plays in graphic design.

Create A Visual Hierarchy 

Colours can be used as a guide through a design, drawing the viewer along the desired path and creating a hierarchy of information. Using colour strategically, you can communicate certain information boldly while leaving other information subtle, creating a visual journey for the viewer to embark upon. 

Establish Brand Identity

Many successful brands can be recognised simply by their signature colours. When used effectively in graphic design, colour plays a major part in establishing a brand identity and can be used to create a consistent, coherent visual representation of the brand that customers recognise instantly. 

Increase Readability

When including text in a design, colour choice is very important. Colours that have been poorly chosen in a design featuring text can make the text illegible and result in a frustrating experience for the viewer. The right colour combinations can significantly improve a design’s readability, making it more accessible to a greater audience. It can ensure that a message is clearly conveyed and easy for a viewer to receive. 

Assign Meaning

For many years, different colours have been assigned certain meanings and represented specific emotions. For example, red can represent anger or passion or communicate danger. Green can represent envy or calm and is associated with nature. With the right selection, a message can be conveyed through colour choice alone. With the right colour choice, you can invoke certain emotions within the viewer and create an emotive association with a brand or design.

Using colour to its full potential can have incredibly positive effects on your marketing efforts. To be sure that you are using colour as effectively as possible in your marketing and branding, you should consider working with a skilled, professional graphic designer. 

Our experienced team of talented graphic designers can help you with all of your design needs. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you.

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