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Lebone Litho Printers: Contribution to environmental sustainability 

South Africa has a five-year average paper recovery rate of about 70%. At present, the country recycles around 1.15 million tonnes of paper and paper packaging each year. This makes paper the second-most recovered material in the country. As Lebone Litho Printers, we are proud to contribute to environmental sustainability with our business. 

While these numbers are promising, there is always room for improvement. Paper and paper packaging still accounts for a large amount of the waste that goes into landfills. This is a reality for various reasons.

Litho printing revolution 

In the early days, it was the publishing and advertising industries that primarily drove the development and use of litho printing. However, as technology progressed and the machines became more advanced, an increasing number of industries began to adopt litho printing for their printing needs. Today, it is still widely used in publishing and advertising, but also in the packaging and printing of products like posters, signage, and even clothing.

Litho printing relevancy 

litho printing is still a popular choice for many companies today because it offers a variety of benefits, including high-quality printing, the ability to print large quantities, and cost-effectiveness for long print runs. Additionally, with the advancement of technology, it has become more environmentally friendly.

Environmental sustainability in our business 

On an eco-friendly scale, litho printing is a more sustainable option as it uses less energy and produces less waste compared to traditional offset printing. The process also uses water-based inks and solvents that are less harmful to the environment.

Industries collaboration 

In South Africa, the print industry is collaborating to ensure there is sufficient paper recycling capacity in place to allow the use of recycled materials. It is also cooperating with its telecommunications to improve fibre recycling and address challenges that hinder recycling to improve the sustainability of the industry.

Lebone Litho is committed to providing eco-friendly printing solutions, and our team of experts is dedicated to staying up to date with the latest environmentally friendly technology. Contact us now for value-adding litho printing services!

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