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What is Security Printing & How Can it Help?

At Lebone Litho, we offer security printing services. These services help ensure your peace of mind when it comes to printing documents that have monetary value or are otherwise sensitive and cannot afford to be forged. Security printing is a process and a collection of techniques that use specialised inks, paper, and a variety of advanced printing techniques that are extremely difficult to replicate. 

We are capable of providing world-class advanced fraud deterrence technologies, which is why our security printing techniques are used by all manner of financial institutions, retailers, government departments, and even listed corporations.

Here are some of the security printing features that we can provide that will prevent counterfeiting, forgery, or any other kind of tampering with sensitive and valuable documents.


Watermarks are one of the most common security features that one can find in paper documents of high value, ranging from bank notes to classified documents. Watermarks are designs or patterns that are embedded in the actual paper during the paper’s manufacture. 

This means that when the paper is scrutinised under light, the watermark can become visible. This watermark ensures that the document in question is genuine and can be very difficult to replicate without the correct technology.


Holograms are produced through advanced laser technology. These three-dimensional images are used in a variety of security documents, such as credit cards, passports, and banknotes. Since they are extremely difficult to copy accurately when scrutinised under magnification, falsified holograms are very easy to detect. At Lebone Litho, we can produce high-quality holograms that will ensure the security of your documents.

Embossing & Debossing

Embossing and debossing are two related techniques that create either raised or indented designs on documents. This technique adds an additional layer of protection against counterfeiting, as it is complex and difficult to do without the right tools. 

Even when the right tools are in place, highly complex and specialised embossed and debossed designs can be very difficult to copy. The presence of embossing or debossing can serve to quickly verify the authenticity of a document by touch. 

This technique can also be used to create microtext and other patterns that are extremely difficult or even impossible to print with traditional methods. These techniques make embossing and debossing capable of producing security measures that are not easily visible to the naked eye.

When combined, all of the above techniques serve to create documents that are secure and extremely difficult to counterfeit.

Here at Lebone Litho, we offer a range of printing services. Our world-class security printing services are of particular value and are not easy to come by elsewhere. Contact us today for a quote

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