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Logo Placement & Design Best Practices That Make Your Branding Pop

Optimizing Brand Impact: Logo Placement & Design Best Practices

Your company’s logo is the anchor of your brand, and effective logo placement & design within marketing materials and packaging plays a crucial role in enhancing brand recognition and recall among customers.

Here at Lebone Litho Printers, we have a specialised design subsidiary named PureBrown Design that can help you make sure your logo is placed and designed on packaging and marketing materials according to what is considered industry best practices, ensuring that the logo is legible, appealing, and effective in representing your brand.

Here are some of the logo placement & design best practices considerations you should take into account regarding logo design and placement:

Size & Proportion

Your logo should be designed to be large enough to be easily recognisable but not so large that it throws the rest of the packaging design off balance. On any printed material, there are other important elements that also need to be seen, so the size and proportion of the logo should allow them room to breathe. However, it should still be 100% clear which design is your logo, and it should be large enough to be legible, even from a distance.

Emphasis & Hierarchy 

To ensure that your logo stands out and is immediately noticeable and recognisable, it should be emphasised and placed strategically so as to establish its hierarchical importance. This means that the logo should be in a prominent position where it can easily be seen and identified as the logo. Usually, this position would be at the top or in the centre, but it depends on the other design elements.

Contrast & Background

The logo should stand out not only from other design elements on the printed material but also from the background. This means that you should choose colours and effects that will boost the contrast between the logo and its surroundings, ensuring that it immediately draws attention and is eminently visible.

Alignment & Balance

When all is said and done, the logo should be placed and sized in such a way as to ensure that it is properly balanced and aligned within the context of the packaging shape and size, as well as the other design elements that need to be incorporated. This means paying attention to things like margins, spacing and symmetry to ensure the most aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

Ready to enhance your brand’s visual impact? Contact us now for expert logo placement & design services tailored to elevate your brand presence. At Lebone Litho Printers, we offer a full suite of expert artwork and design services through our subsidiary PureBrown Design. Contact us today to find out more.

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