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Educator’s Guide To Efficient School Printing For The New Academic Year

Every academic year is a fresh slate—a time for new opportunities, lessons and challenges. To set the stage right, one crucial element educators often overlook is efficient school printing. From important notices to learning resources, printing plays a vital role in ensuring smooth academic operations.

Understanding School Printing Challenges

Unlike standard offices, schools juggle between student and faculty networks, each with its own set of users and devices. The challenge is twofold: catering to these diverse networks and ensuring print availability, especially when a last-minute print request arises. While youth might not be the best planners, educators can bridge this gap with the right print management solutions.

The Power of Print Management Software

BYOD Printing

With today’s diverse device ecosystem, schools need flexibility. Print management software ensures compatibility across various platforms, whether it’s Windows, Mac or Android, streamlining the printing process.


Knowledge is power. By giving sysadmins a comprehensive view of the printing environment, schools can improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Simplicity for All

No one wants complicated printing procedures. The aim is to keep printing as intuitive as pressing “Save”. With features like Find-Me printing, users can print from anywhere, anytime.

Budget-Friendly Printing

Unnecessary print jobs drain resources. Print management solutions help in setting policies that ensure judicious usage, saving costs in the long run. 

Budget strategies also mean looking to outsource more frequently. Repetitive printing is often done FAR more cost-effectively by a specialist printing company. Your rate per page when using laser-jet or ink-jet printers will never match the cost-efficiency of a printer that can pump out hundreds of pages in minutes.

Analysing your printing needs and planning ahead with subcontracting can save you thousands.

Prioritising Security

Protecting sensitive data is paramount. Secure Print Release queues require user confirmation before printing, ensuring that vital information remains confidential.

In addition, imbedded security features can be created for your critical documents by using a printing professional like Lebone Litho. With digital fraud on the rise, having documents with imbedded security features can shut down any risks before they even start.

Towards A Greener Future

Beyond functionality, it’s essential to consider the environmental impact. Print management solutions not only reduce waste but also contribute to sustainability. It’s not just about saving money but also nurturing our planet for future generations.

Do you know the total carbon footprint of your printer and its disposable cartridges? Consider using a printing professional who generates less waste, has very energy-efficient machines and creates far less waste than small desktop printers.

Preparing for the New Academic Year

As educators prepare for a new academic year, understanding the nuances of efficient school printing is pivotal. It’s about leveraging technology, staying updated and most importantly, delivering a seamless experience for students and faculty alike.

Step into efficient printing with Lebone Litho, and shape tomorrow’s education!

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