Stahl KB36 – Folding Machine

Stahl KB36 Folding Machine | Lebone Litho Printers

Lebone Litho Printers proudly operates a Stahl KB 36 folding machine, meticulously designed for folding Pharmaceutical leaflets with precision and efficiency. This versatile machine is equipped with 6 pockets and an inline chopper folder, ensuring seamless folding for your pharmaceutical materials.

With a maximum paper size of 360 x 520 mm, the Stahl KB 36 can handle a wide range of paper weights, starting from 48 gsm upwards. This makes it an ideal choice for pharmaceutical leaflets, guaranteeing a professional finish for your critical information.

Trust Lebone Litho Printers and our Stahl KB 36 folding machine for your pharmaceutical leaflet folding needs, delivering quality and accuracy every time.

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