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What is lithography printing and how is it relevant to you?

Lithography printing was invented in the eighteen hundreds by the Germans. They discovered they could duplicate scripts by using a greasy crayon on a slab of limestone and printing with rolled-on ink.

Is Lithographic printing still relevant?

In 2023, lithographic printing can produce high-quality prints with detailed elements and vibrant colours on all packaging materials from cardboard to metal. Lithographic printing is the process of transferring content and imagery onto a plate and allowing ink to offset it onto paper for furnishing.

At Lebone Litho, we aim to ensure that all lithographic printing outcomes are executed with accuracy throughout the process. The lithographic process is completed through a series of steps. Once an artwork is drawn or designed, the production of a plate (normally crafted from aluminium) begins, this is from computer to plate. Once the plate is manufactured, ink is applied, and the printing process begins.

Lithography printing is suitable for medium to large quantities of prints as it can print more than 10 000 high-quality sheets per hour, potentially making the unit cost go down. Making this method of print time efficient, accurate, and environmentally friendly as we can produce large volumes of print from a single design.

There is minimal cost in lithographic printing compared to other printing types, as the more you print, the cheaper the cost becomes. However, at Lebone Litho Printers, all customer needs are met regardless of the quantity you would like printed.

Lithographic printing is required in most industries, mainly pharmaceuticals, education, corporate and finance, FMCG, and hospitals as they demand a lot of printing for packaging or branding purposes in medium to high volumes.

Lithographic print is here to stay. People still want printed material to read from, hold and engage with. Therefore, when producing a high-quality and pleasing piece of content, your message will be well received.

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