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The Importance of Printed Branding Materials in a Digital World

The Enduring Impact of Printed Branding Materials in a Digital Landscape

Despite the fact that the world has gone mostly digital, the role of printed materials in brand recognition and the establishment of brand positioning remains very important. If handled correctly, having a printing company provide you with quality printed materials can help establish your brand’s presence and create a lasting impression on your target audience. 

Here are some ways that printed materials continue to play a role in brand recognition:


Having something printed that someone can hold in their hands provides a tangible representation of the brand. Having something that customers can interact with physically has a much bigger impact on their ability to recall your brand. Items such as business cards and brochures should not be underestimated in the way that they impact the customer’s psyche. 

Having logos and colours along with carefully chosen typography and imagery can create a cohesive and memorable brand identity that lingers beyond the flicker of a computer screen.


It is easy and inexpensive to create branding on the computer and share it far and wide digitally. However, a set of well-designed and professionally printed materials is more complicated to pull off and can therefore enhance the perception of professionalism and quality in your customers’ minds. 

Having properly printed and properly branded materials that are meticulously and carefully produced on quality paper stock using high-end printing methods can help demonstrate your brand’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence. This boosts your brand’s image in the hearts and minds of your customers and serves to encourage trust and confidence.


Printed materials serve to boost your brand’s visibility beyond the digital realm. When your target audience is not engrossed in their computers or mobile devices and is moving about the real physical world, seeing printed items with your branding on them can serve as reminders of your brand’s presence in their physical reality. The fact that the printed materials are actually present in the real world serves to enhance their ability to catch people’s attention and boost brand recall. The consistency of design across your various mediums will further serve to underline the brand’s recognisability.


While there are plenty of opportunities to engage with a brand through online platforms, printed materials provide a uniquely different experience that can generate excitement and interest. 

Through the incorporation of physical printed items, ranging from products to brochures and catalogues, you can allow customers the opportunity to physically interact with your company in a more tangible manner. This physical interaction builds stronger connections and increases the chance of winning them over to make a purchase. 

The consistency and brand alignment that come with printed materials can help you create a cohesive brand image that truly resonates.

To boost your brand image through expertly printed materials today, contact us at Lebone Litho. We offer a range of printing services that can boost your brand today! 

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