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Lebone printing co-exists with digital printing

Lebone Litho Printers has a fully-fledged digital department. With the growth of the digital era, Lebone’s digital offerings give the flexibility to serve more customers. It is ideal for lower quantity prints and when you require the quickest turnaround time essentially and more important when you require print on demand.

Digital print provides us with the capability to produce print on demand whilst maintaining a standard of high quality. Speeds range between 1,200 sheets per hour for double-sided images and 7,200 copies per hour for single-sided images.

Lebone as an advanced printing company is capable of delivering high-quality, full-colour Posters, Brochures, Magazines, Annual Reports, Catalogues and Textbooks. These services come with the ultimate benefits the customers expect from the service provider.

Benefits of our digital printing

  • High-definition colour printing.
  • Small quantities are quicker at a lower cost.
  • Print the amount you require to reduce your wastage, thus, saving you in warehousing storage and office space.
  • Digital printing allows for personalisation in printing that is Variable Data Printing. This allows you to focus on specific clients and provide them with intricately personalised printed material.
  • Printing on a wide selection of stock options.
  • Print on demand helping you reach those deadlines effortlessly.

Furthermore, as more and more consumers and retailers are looking for companies that offer eco-friendly options, brand owners are often left wondering where to begin when it comes to developing their sustainability goals. For instance, large brands like Nestlé and General Mills have committed to more sustainable packaging and regenerative farming methods that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

However, often small and medium-sized companies are left wondering how they too can stay environmentally friendly and relevant, without investing significant resources or without a complete overhaul. As litho printing, our digital print contributes a sustainable eco-friendly environment.

Should you need digital services from Lebone, feel press to contact us to provide your customised needs.

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