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Lebone Litho overview: contribution in the economy and skills development

The print solutions company Lebone Litho Printers has invested more in infrastructure and technology, as well as skills development and small, medium-sized and microenterprise focus, which are benefiting the company and society at large.


The company has gained great value from investing in technology, its facilities, its workforce, and SMMEs, thereby enabling it to grow. In support of the City of Johannesburg’s mission to develop and expand business in the CBD, the company recently has revamped its block of buildings in Selby, south of Johannesburg. 

The company has also invested considerably in technology and skills across this and its other operations in the country. 


In addition, the company has provided over 500 million workbooks to over 24 000 schools twice a year. The company shared a more than decade-long relationship with the National Department of Basic Education (DBE). This illustrates their long-standing contribution to the society 

Furthermore, visual learning or remote learning does have a place in the sun for learners and parents that are fortunate enough to afford it. Unfortunately, this cannot be swept under the carpet, and pretend people are not impacted by these residual effects. 

The government is cognisant of these disparities. Most, if not all, education departments have started rolling out the technology, with a particular emphasis on township schools.

Skill Development

In keeping with the regulations of South Africa’s Skills Development Act which aims to expand the knowledge and competencies of the labour force to improve productivity and employment. After Lebone installed the first Fuji Jet Press 750S in Africa, it decided to invest in an intensive training programme for seven employees.

Lebone Litho has also invested in Jura security software and equipment which specialises in election ballots, secure printing, and passport developments. This requires a different skill set and understanding of software development and various design features.

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