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Lebone delivers more than 35 million books to schools in SA
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Lebone delivers more than 35 million books to schools in SA


Johannesburg – Specialised printing company Lebone Litho Printers (LLP) and its consortium partners, Novus Holdings and DSV, have already delivered more than 35-million workbooks to 24 916 schools in preparation for the 2021 academic year.

The consortium has been tasked with delivering over 60-million workbooks to South African schools, for pupils in grades R to nine.

Keith Michael, the CEO of LLP, said the consortium had already delivered 35-million workbooks and that the next phase would deliver 30-million books.

“We did not get here by chance, but through extensive operational planning, investment on the right machinery, skills and a lot of patience and hard work. We believe this national project cannot be compromised, so we give our best to deliver on it every year,” Michael said.

“At the end of the day, the department has to be satisfied that books will be at schools whether there is COVID-19 disruption or not. Whether there is a truck strike or a building or factory burning down, the books must be delivered to schools at the appointed time.”

Thanks to its partnership with logistics company DSV, LLP manages two workbook deliveries a year.

Volume 1 covers January to June and is delivered between October and mid-November while volume 2, which covers the July to December, is delivered between mid-November and the end of February.

The Education Department could not be reached for comment.

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