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Continuous Impact On Youth & Black Businesses by Lebone Litho

Empowering Youth & Black Businesses: Lebone Litho’s Impact

Lebone Litho Printers has over the years put its capital where its mouth is when it comes to  empowering small black-owned businesses and offers generous terms of support including financial assistance, mentorship, and a network of opportunities. 

Empowering black owned businesses 

As the company, our passion to empower small businesses stems from our thoughtful  management. As a small-medium size, we always assist small black owned businesses,  especially black women owned businesses. Furthermore, our company has on its database a  total of 52 SMMEs from which it procures a full spectrum of services that it requires. 

These range from sourcing printing paper through agents rather than directly from big players  to technical services from independent technicians for maintaining their machinery as well as  independent contractors for distribution and delivery of their clients’ printed work. 

Bridge online gap in South Africa 

Our solution will be if school management services, education boards, ICT companies and  education entrepreneurs can pull together and work to solve the issue of access. This can be  done by identifying gaps and filling them is how every company with resources should  conduct itself. 

At our company, one of the main priorities for each year is to find schools in need and look at  ways to solve their problems. In the past year, Lebone invested more R100 000 towards  assisting schools in disadvantaged areas to continue to assist learners by providing stationery  and other requirements. 

Open day for leaners 

In 2022, Lebone opened “Take A Girl Child to Workday initiative”, we invited the learners of Jordao College in Turffontein to attend the launch of the Jet Press 750s high-speed model,  the first installation in Africa. In addition, the girls witness this ground-breaking event, but they also got the opportunity to have a two-hour tour of the company to instil motivation for  learners to see the need for professionals in the printing industry.

Ready to make a difference in your business or community? Contact us today to explore how Lebone Litho can support your endeavors. Let’s create meaningful impact together!

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