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Colouring Your Way To More Turnover

There’s a slightly risque legacy statement that says “sex sells”. Well, before that sells, colour sells first. Colour plays a vital part in the selling of your merchandise. It is a truly potent tool that strongly influences customers in their choices. 

Your graphic designers at Lebone Litho Printers must explore the balance of your brand’s colours and those relevant to the product in order to achieve a winning recipe for each product. Today we are exploring its use.

Colour In Today’s Market Place

The colour of products is globally important, whether it’s packaging or the colour of the skin on fresh produce. The right colour pigment AND tone of that pigment have a profound impact on the conversion of browsers to buyers. 

There is no silver bullet solution cast in stone regarding colour choices. However, a long list of different studies has fed into a general guideline to colour principles of the relationship between colour and emotion.

How Effective Is Colour On Choices?

Colour is not only “pretty” to have on your packaging, it is a crucial influencing factor for customers viewing your product. Research found the following:

  • You can expect buying decisions to be affected by as much as 85% by colour.
  • Colours have been scientifically shown to strongly affect perception. Therefore, packaging colourway decisions are vital. 
  • The winning choice of colours creates an impression that will profoundly influence the choices made on brands and products. 
  • Packaging colourways help customers distinguish one company’s product from the other, and a recognisable colourway calms a customer. 

The strategic choice of colours and the way you combine them is thus not only necessary but a vital part of good packaging design. Hence the significance of using professionals to make those choices. 

Colour is an easily remembered fact and has strong emotions that are “catalogued” with each of them. 

What Emotions Have Studies Linked To Colours?

In a study in the College Students Journal, the following colours were linked to specific emotions:

  • Green was popular among research subjects as a reference to nature, positivity and calm. 
  • Blue had a high association with water, positivity, comfort, security and peacefulness.
  • Red, unsurprisingly, scored high in relation to love. It was also linked to dominance so it should be used cautiously. 
  • Black was linked to power, dominance and elegance.
  • Both yellow and orange elicited feelings of happiness. 

Another study collated popular words used by research subjects in relation to colours: 

  • 75% of subjects associated red with anger, energy and passion. 
  • The same percentage associated orange and yellow with cheerfulness.
  • Again, 75% associated green and blue with cleanliness and relaxation.
  • Nearly 70% of subjects linked black with death and power. 
  • More than 88% of the subjects linked white to innocence and euphoria.

The Final View

The list of colours and their effects goes on and on. We hope the above has helped show you how very important it is to get your colour strategy spot on for your brand, packaging and other business items.

Contact the Lebone Litho printers professionals today for top packaging advice and full-colour printing!

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