Commercial Printing

Unlocking the Power of Commercial Print Services: The Synergy of Litho, Web, and Digital Printing In an era dominated by digital screens and virtual communication, the enduring power of printed materials cannot be overstated. For decades, commercial print services have been the cornerstone of business and marketing, consistently leaving a lasting impression. Within this dynamic …

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Artwork Design | Lebone Litho Commercial Printing

Artwork Design

Artwork Design Services for Printing: Transforming Ideas into Stunning Visuals In the world of print and visual communication, the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” still holds true. Effective and captivating design is the key to conveying your message, establishing brand identity, and engaging your audience. Artwork Design Services for Printing are the …

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Bindery | Lebone Litho Commercial Printing


Bindery Print Services encompass a range of techniques and processes aimed at turning printed sheets into finished products. Whether you need your materials to be neatly bound, folded, trimmed, or laminated, bindery services ensure that the final product meets your expectations and resonates with your audience. Key Features and Offerings: Industries Served: Benefits of Bindery …

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Reproduction and CTP | Lebone Litho Commercial Printing

Reproduction and CTP

Reproduction and CTP as a Service: Transforming the Printing Industry In the ever-evolving world of print and publishing, efficiency, accuracy, and speed are paramount. Reproduction and Computer-to-Plate (CTP) as a service is a game-changing solution that streamlines the print production process, offering businesses a competitive edge in delivering high-quality printed materials to their audiences. Understanding …

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Packaging | Lebone Litho Commercial Printing


Package Printing as a Service: Elevating Your Brand’s Presentation In the dynamic world of product packaging, the impact of visual aesthetics cannot be overstated. Your packaging is often the first point of contact between your product and the consumer, making it a powerful tool for brand recognition and consumer engagement. To enhance your brand’s image …

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Security Printing | Lebone Litho Commercial Printing

Security Printing

Securing Your Brand: Unveiling Security Print as a Service In a world filled with ever-evolving threats to authenticity and brand integrity, safeguarding your documents and products is paramount. Enter Security Print as a Service, a specialized offering designed to provide cutting-edge solutions for protecting your brand, identity, and sensitive information. This service stands as the …

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Digital Printing | Lebone Litho Commercial Printing

Digital Printing

Lebone Litho Printers has a newly revamped and fully-fledged digital department. Digital presses give us the flexibility to say yes to more customers. Now short runs are turned around is even faster. Every page can be customised and personalised combining colour with monochrome and all this with full variable data. This press gives us the …

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Webpress Printing | Lebone Litho Commercial Printing

Webpress Printing

Lebone Litho has a well-equipped Web Printing Division consisting of 2 Man Roland Heatset Rotoman web presses and a Muller Martini Concepta web press. These presses have the ability to produce high-quality multicoloured work on various grades of paper and they are most competitive with run lengths from 10 000 copies up. The Rotoman presses …

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Lithography Printing | Lebone Litho Commercial Printing

Lithography Printing

In an ideal world man and machine should work as a team to coordinate the printing process.The best way of ensuring efficient cooperation between the operator and the press is by creating a perfect flow of information between the two. Our Prinect CP 2000 and CIP 4 control centres form a closed information link and …

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